GLA election arrangements  


Government shows disregard for democracy in London elections

Reacting to the announcement today of the GLA election arrangements, which include salaries, expense limits and deposits, Edward Davey MP, Liberal Democrat London Spokesman, said:
"Although we welcome the lower limits on campaign expenditure, Labour today has displayed an incredible arrogance and disregard for democracy in its refusal to allow a freepost for London. It is nothing short of a scandal. "

"The Government is equating this election to a local election. Whilst, more understandably, we may not have a free mailing for a ward electorate of 5,000, it is a nonsense not to have a free mailing for a London-wide electorate of 5 million."

"The Welsh Assembly elections had a free mailing, the Scottish Parliament had a free mailing. So did the European elections and the general election. Why should London, which has 5 million voters, be any different?"

"By abolishing the free mailing, the election will favour richer parties - or rather the Labour Party - and penalise independent candidates and smaller parties."

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