Shaw demonstrates bad judgement  


Tory PPC demonstrates bad judgement over offensive comment on Mo

Edward Davey, Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston and Surbiton, today reacted with astonishment at the crass, personal attack from his Tory opponent on Mo Mowlam.

In an interview with the Surrey Comet, the ex-Tory MP David Shaw said, "I think it is no coincidence that Mo Mowlam had a brain tumour and smoked cannabis in her youth".

Mr Davey said:
"This was an unnecessary personal attack on a hardworking Member of Parliament who is fighting an extremely serious illness."

"After all Mo Mowlam has done to work for peace in Northern Ireland, this crass remark will offend people throughout the country."

"There is no substantiated medical evidence to connect cannabis smoking with brain tumours. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible and seriously offensive."

"Remarks like these do nothing to help tackle the drugs problem in our society."

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