Bus campaign pays off  


Davey welcomes local bus announcement

MP welcomes new bus link to Kingston Hospital

Local MP, Edward Davey, welcomed the news that his campaign for the restoration of a bus link between Kingston Hospital and Chessington has been successful.

Residents, Edward and local councillors had written numerous letters to London Transport highlighting the real difficulties residents had trying to get to the hospital by public transport since the removal of the route formerly covered by the K2 back in 1993.

Finally, after the campaign the link is now to be restored.

Commenting on the campaign success, Edward said,
"At last London Transport have taken notice of residents' concerns. Many had real difficulty getting to Kingston Hospital when the former link was terminated. For many who are reliant upon public transport it could take up to four changes, using up most of the day just getting there and back."

"I only hope that London Transport buses finally acknowledges the other areas in the Borough that we have highlighted are in desperate need of an improved bus service."

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