Surbiton parking problems  


"Surbiton Parking Problems must be tackled now" - Edward Davey

Local MP calls for kick-start to Surbiton neighbourhood parking review with 'walking & talking tours'.

Local Liberal Democrat MP, Edward Davey has written to the Chair of Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee calling for a series of innovative 'walking & talking tours' to be introduced as a matter of urgency to kick-start the forthcoming area parking review.  The aim of the 'walking & talking tours' is to ensure that residents are given the opportunity to highlight the problems in their own roads direct with councillors and officers.  

In his recent letter to Councillor De Lord, Surbiton's MP has called for a definite proposal to tackle the problem to be worked up and submitted to the Council before the end of the year at the latest.

Commenting on the Neighbourhood's proposals, Edward Davey said,

"Residents are rightly concerned that the proposed strategy is simply another delaying tactic.  There are no firm deadlines and as it stands, the strategy could let this problem drift for another two years.

For local residents' sake, we must not let this happen.  The Neighbourhood Committee have already delayed launching this strategy for too long and the problems are simply getting worse.  Actions to tackle this problem are important, not more strategy papers."

Commenting on his innovative 'walking talking tours', Edward Davey said,

"The aim of these tours is to give local residents the opportunity to convince Conservative councillors they have been wrong to oppose residents' demands.

At times the local Tory councillors have appeared more concerned about people living outside the Borough than their own constituents.

My idea will give residents an excellent chance of showing real life examples of the problems caused by commuter parking in their own roads. Hopefully these will help to convince Conservative councillors that local council tax payers should be given priority in such matters."

A letter to Councillor Dennis De Lord, Chair of Surbiton Neighbourhood from Edward Davey MP.

Dennis De Lord
Chair of Surbiton Neighbourhood
59E Cranes Park

25 May 2000

Dear Dennis De Lord

Parking Strategy for Surbiton Neighbourhood

I have read the agenda item for your forthcoming neighbourhood meeting regarding the above issue.

The neighbourhood traffic manager will be able to confirm that I have made requests in the past months that this issue is looked at and I welcome the fact that this matter is finally being considered after an inordinate delay.

The Neighbourhood Committee has now had well over two years to research this issue.  I, myself,  have written identifying residents' concerns. Therefore, I trust you will finally be able to place a firm proposal and request for resources to the Council before the end of 2000.

I am concerned that this may not prove possible with the current strategy as it does not contain firm deadlines for the completion of any single stage of the proposed programme.  I trust that deadlines will be set at your forthcoming meeting.

In order to give this review a kick start, I would like to request that you arrange a range of public parking forums as a matter of urgency.    From the wealth of correspondence I have recently received, it is clear that the situation is becoming increasingly frustrating for local residents.

Actions, as opposed to words, are now required.

I had envisaged that apart for the normal static 'evening forums', officers could arrange for 'walking & talking tours' around those roads worse affected.  I would hope that councillors would welcome this opportunity to have first hand experience of the relevant problem areas, especially at the
worst times of the day.  This will also give councillors the chance to listen to residents in their own streets and they can highlight their concerns with real time examples.

Hopefully, these experiences will finally convince many of your doubting colleagues that commuter parking in residential roads is a very real problem in Surbiton and needs to be treated as an urgent priority.

Finally, I would appreciate it if you would clarify when the speeding situation in Victoria Avenue and the need for a pedestrian crossing at the Brighton Road junction is to be examined.  I understand that these were to be considered as part of an area-wide study; however clearly from the agenda
item such issues do not fall within this strategy.

I look forward to hearing the outcome of your meeting in due course and your response to my suggestion for firm deadlines and proper resident involvement.

Yours sincerely

Edward Davey MP


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