MP's survey  


Massive Response to MP's survey

Local MP undertakes largest ever survey of constituents' views.
Kingston residents back NHS cash over tax cuts by four to one.

Kingston people want investment in the NHS before tax cuts, more police on the beat and prefer smaller class sizes, according to initial results from a new survey of opinion.  These are the findings of detailed analysis of the first 1000 replies to one of the largest surveys of opinions in the Borough.

The survey undertaken by local Liberal Democrat MP, Edward Davey, was sent to a random sample of the Borough's residents so that Mr Davey can identify residents' views on key national and local issues.

Mr Davey asked his constituents about a range of issues, from local police numbers to levels of taxation.  Health and NHS was the public's main priority by far, with 32% of respondents saying this was their main concern.

This was supported by an enormous 83% of residents saying they would prefer to pay more money towards the NHS rather than receiving the Government's tax cut. With 1000s of replies still left to work through, more results are expected later this summer.

Commenting on the results and responses of this survey, Edward Davey said,

"Thank you to everyone who took part in this valuable exercise."

"From residents' responses to the largest ever Constituency-wide survey undertaken by a local MP, it is clear that they are concerned about under investment in our local public services, such as the police, schools, transport and the NHS.

"77% of residents feel that years of Conservative and Labour cuts have left the local police under-strength.  They are clearly backing my campaign for more police, backed up by costed Liberal Democrat proposals to fund them."

"Furthermore, 83% of residents would like to see small increases in taxation for extra funding for our overcrowded school and desperately under-staffed hospital."

"These results will help me in my battle in Parliament for what local residents want."


Over 40,000 surveys were sent to local residents.

A brief outline of the results of analysing the first 1000 returns are as follows:

(a) Results for whether Kingston has enough police officers:
Yes: 23%
No: 77%

(b) Results for which of the nation's top spending priority should be if the choice was between the NHS or income tax cuts:
NHS: 83%
Income Tax Cuts: 17%

(c) Results for whether larger class sizes have a negative impact on teaching standards:
Yes: 81%
No: 19%

(d) Results for whether public transport should be made more easily accessible for elderly and disabled people:
Yes: 92%
No: 8%

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