Housing allowance for police  


"Reversing this Tory mistake will help our police" - Edward Davey

Davey's campaign on police pay gets an early result

Local Liberal Democrat MPs have won a vital pledge from the Government to reinstate the old housing allowance for London police officers.  The allowance will offset falling officer numbers and a growing recruitment problem in the capital.  The Government made the announcement in last Friday's 'Policing in London' debate (23.06.00). 

The issue was first brought to the attention of Ministers by Carshalton & Wallington MP, Tom Brake and Kingston & Surbiton's MP, Edward Davey on 24 May 2000 during a debate in the new Westminster Hall. During this debate, they presented the case for the reinstatement of the housing allowance which had been abolished by the previous Conservative Government.  They argued that officers and the Police Federation had identified London's high housing costs as an enormous barrier to recruiting new officers.

Commenting after the debate, Edward Davey said,

"The previous Conservative Government's decision to abolish the London housing allowance has been an enormous mistake.  It was a major factor in many experienced officers leaving the force.  It will also take many years to reverse the trend of falling recruitment levels and increasing staff transfers."

"We want more police in London and we want people to believe its a good career because this capital city is still under-policed.''

"Talent in the Met has been haemorrhaging in recent years as officers have been forced to relocate due to high housing costs."

"Police officers have our support. They do a difficult job extremely well and I am pleased that Ministers have taken on board my concerns and adopted my proposal to reintroduce the housing allowance.  This should give police morale in London a welcome fillip as it is currently at rock bottom."


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