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Davey demands
"A Fair deal for Kingston's pensioners"

Local MP Edward Davey and Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy today launched a nation-wide petition "A Fair Deal for Pensioners" to give all pensioners a real terms increase of at least 5 on their basic state pension.

Edward Davey said "Pensioners have been neglected by Labour and grossly misled by the Conservatives. It is shameful that nearly one in three of our pensioners are living below the poverty line.

"In last week’s spending review, the Government once again shut pensioners out in the cold. Liberal Democrats believe Britain’s pensioners deserve a fair deal.

"Last week Gordon Brown handed out over 43 billion yet he couldn’t find a penny for pensions.

"Pensioners weren’t born yesterday. They are not impressed by Labour’s 75p and will not be taken in by the Conservatives’ 42p con trick.

"The Liberal Democrats would give Kingston’s pensioners a real income boost of 5 with extra money for older pensioners."


The Liberal Democrats propose an extra 5 for all pensioners, with an added 5 for over 75s and 10 for over 80s.


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