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"Where are your cuts coming from?"

Edward Davey MP asks Kingston Tories

Conservatives across the country have been thrown into disarray by the admission by their Shadow Chancellor, Michael that they are committed to 16 billion of cuts to public services.

Now Kingston and Surbiton’s Member of Parliament, Liberal Democrat Edward Davey, wants to know where the cuts would fall in his constituency

The Conservative cuts would average 24 million per year in every constituency across the country.

Following the shock announcement, Mr Davey said:

"This news of plans by the Tories for these savage cuts should come as no surprise. After all, they've done it before. They did immense damage to public services during the 18 years they were in power. Now they're at it again.

"People in Kingston and Surbiton have a right to know where these cuts would fall.

"Would it be education, with fewer teachers, larger class sizes, and less books and equipment? Which schools in Kingston, Surbiton, New Malden and Chessington do they want to close?

"Would it be health, with fewer doctors and nurses, fewer hospital beds, and longer waiting lists and times? Cuts are the last thing needed by Kingston Hospital, its staff and patients.

"Would it be the police, with fewer bobbies on the beat, longer response times, and a further increase in crime levels?

"Or would it be a further cut in pensions and more hardhsip for Kingston and Surbiton’s Senior Citizens? The Tory cuts last time left single pensioners 30 and couples 50 a week worse off?

"Now everyone in Kingston has 24 million more reasons to stop the Tories from damaging our schools, hospitals, pensions and police."


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