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Local MP calls for more police as recorded crime in London tops the 1million mark

Liberal Democrat shadow minister for London, Edward Davey MP, acknowledged that his nightmarish crime predictions were coming true.

After raising the issue of the under funding of the Metropolitan Police in an adjournment debate on Wednesday 24 March 1999, the fact that reported crimes in London smashed through the million barrier, came as no surprise.

This is an increase of an 80,000 or 9% rise in offences on the preceding period.

This comes in the wake of the Met being forced by the Government to cut 604 police officers since the general election.

Out of the 41 Boroughs in the Metropolitan Police Sector, almost 10% of these reductions were solely met by the Kingston Division.

Commenting on the latest crime figures released by the Home Office, Edward Davey said,
"As things stand, things will only get worse. I stood up in the House back in March and told Ministers that an increase in crime would be the only result of further reductions in police numbers. This has come true. I gave him examples of the problems already faced by people from all over the Borough. I warned him that the problems with graffiti and yobbish would get worse. This has come true. I told him that police cuts meant that the force was being stretched to breaking point. This has come true. Let me warn him again, if he doesn't do something to stop the rot then within the next couple of years he'll be out of a job. Unlike the others, I am sure the residents in this Borough that have been victims of crime due to police shortages hope that this one becomes true."

Or "Once again the Government has targeted Kingston to bear the brunt of police cuts. When people voted new Labour in the general elections that expected years of Tory cuts to be changed. With further cuts in Kingston, residents are beginning to tell me that they think they are as bad as the last lot."

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