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Local MP meets Cambridge Gardens residents to help tackle estate's problems

At a busy meeting on Thursday 17th August, local Lib Dem MP Edward Davey, met with local residents of Cambridge Gardens to listen to a long list of problems blighting their lives. Residents called the meeting to vent their frustration with Kingston Council who, after promising to address their concerns for many months, still have to resolve these on-going problems. 

There were ten main issues of concern raised on the night and these ranged from the long standing problem with Pharoah Ants to the emergency rubbish collection procedure recently introduced after a rubbish shute collapsed.

Commenting on the meeting, Edward said,

"There are very real problems on this estate and residents are rightly concerned.  Due to ongoing delays, residents have become understandably frustrated with a lack of action by the Council.

"Therefore, my first priority is that solutions promised by the council are now implemented without any further delays."

"To this end, I will be highlighting their concerns with the Chief Executive of Kingston Council to get his assurance that these issues are being taken seriously." 

"I will also make sure the Council knows that I will be on their case until scheduled improvement projects become a reality."

In response to residents concerns, Mr Davey has raised each individual problem identified with the Chief Executive of Kingston Council to ensure that they are finally tackled once and for all.  Edward Davey will also be meeting with residents again in October to see what progress has been made.

A copy of a fax from Edward Davey MP to the Chief Executive of Kingston Council

Bruce McDonald
Chief Executive

22 August 2000

Re: Cambridge Gardens

As a result of a recent meeting I attended with residents of the Cambridge Estate, please find attached a copy of the minutes of this meeting for your interest.

You may be surprised to see the large number of concerns that residents have on the estate.  Many of these issues have been raised before; however promised solutions to these problems appear to have been delayed and residents are clearly beginning to lose faith in Council Officers.

I know that some issues are due to be addressed; nevertheless, I would appreciate it if you would confirm that they will now be tackled as a matter of urgency.  Action must be forthcoming very shortly if the council is going to retain any goodwill amongst local residents.

I will call shortly to confirm receipt of this fax and to clarify any
points that have been raised.

Yours sincerely

Edward Davey MP


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