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Local MP raises constituents' concerns about new prescription pilot schemes

Kingston's Lib Dem MP, Edward Davey, has written to the Chief Executive of Kingston Primary Care Group asking him to monitor closely pilot prescription issuing schemes currently being tested at two local GP practices.

The pilot projects aim to reduce prescription drugs being wasted by increasing the frequency of prescription renewals, thereby minimising the number of unnecessary drug treatments issued that patients fail to complete. 

Long term patients who previously have beenissued with prescriptions lasting many months have complained to Mr Davey that the new schemes have saddled them with additional costs.  For these patients, they still receive the same drug treatments but are now faced with more frequent prescription charges. 

Commenting on his constituents' concerns, Edward Davey said,

"If this scheme is introduced as it stands, on a Borough wide basis, it could prove unnecessarily costly for a number of unwell residents." 

"Many will find it extremely difficult to meet the additional costs generated through the issuing of more frequent prescriptions and for long term patients this protocol is simply unnecessary."

"It is even conceivable that if the protocol is over zealously implemented, drug wastage may be reduced but at the same time the cost of these treatments to Kingston Primary Care Group will actually rise."

"However, knowing what a good listener the local Primary Care Group is proving to be, I am hopeful that the prescribing sub-committee will address my concerns prior to this protocol being introduced in GPs' practices across the Borough."


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