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Break the blockades - Davey

Local Liberal Democrat MP, Edward Davey has called on the Government to break the petrol blockades.  Edward Davey said:

"Ministers should order these blockades to be broken.  The country cannot be held to ransom by a tiny minority. 

"If this goes on businesses will close, operations could be cancelled and vulnerable pensioners could go without food or visits.

"Whatever their argument, the hauliers' blockades are hurting ordinary people and cutting off the lifeblood of the economy. They must be ended."


In addition to using the law to break the blockades, Liberal Democrats would:

* Cap the money the Government receives from the fuel duty and VAT on fuel.  The Chancellor's war chest should not profit at the expense of motorists.
* Ring-fence the extra revenues it has gained from petrol and spend the money on public transport and action to help road hauliers.
* Reduce VED for road hauliers, financing the loss by charging foreign lorries to drive on our roads.
* Cut VED for small, fuel-efficient cars.
* Campaign for motorists to practice fuel economy.  By reducing their speed, drivers can save up to 8p a litre.


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