Malden Manor Post Office  


Local MP backs Malden Manor Post Office ...

and asks Post Office Chief Executive to "follow in his footsteps"

After receiving a petition signed by local residents from local councillors Rolson Davies and Ian McDonald, Malden Manor's MP has backed their campaign asking for road fund tax discs to be dispensed at their local post office.

After receiving a negative response from the Post Office, Edward Davey has asked the Chief executive of the Post Office to join him in a walk from Malden Manor to New Malden as this is currently the nearest office supplying this service.

The walk is intended to show him the difficulties elderly and disabled residents have trying to access this service.

Commenting on his challenge, Edward Davey said,
"Residents should be given the opportunity to access public services at a location of their choosing. For many of the residents living near Malden Manor, including the elderly and disabled this is their local post office. I felt that by inviting the Chief Executive to walk with me the journey his staff are suggesting my constituents make, then he will be able to see for himself that this is unrealistic."

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