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Two beds and one nurse - too little too late." - Davey

Leading cardiologist warns of NHS meltdown

In the first week of the new parliamentary session, local Lib Dem MP, Edward Davey has tabled a raft of parliamentary questions on local NHS services.

Over a third of local residents who responded to Edward Davey’s recent Borough-wide survey highlighted the NHS as their top concern. The latest lobbying of Ministers comes amid growing disquiet from patients and staff that local resources are likely to be stretched again this winter.

Commenting on the problems still facing local NHS services, Edward Davey said,

"Although, things have quietened down a little, I fear that this is just the lull before the storm.

"Hospitals right across the country are experiencing unusually high occupancy rates and if there is a considerable increase in demand this winter, many feel that it will be impossible to cope."

"I believe we need to step up campaigning in Parliament to convince Ministers and the Chancellor to invest in saving our NHS and not to enter a pre-election tax cuts auction with the Tories."

"The additional two beds and one nurse the Government has given to Kingston & Richmond Health Authority for this Christmas are welcome, but in reality they are too little too late."



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