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MP backs local firebrigade’s initiatives to combat arson attacks

Local Lib Dem MP, Edward Davey recently visited Kingston Fire Station. Mr Davey met local firemen and brigade officers and discussed their ideas for improving the service and their initiatives for tackling arson attacks.

Mr Davey watched a fire watch training and heard about the main local challenges. These include access for fire vehicles when streets are blocked by parked cars and the need for more capital investment to modernise equipment.

After being contacted by residents in Tolworth who were victims of recent attacks, Edward Davey used his visit to review how a fire-brigade deals with these types of crime. Early warning systems, better communication and partnership working with others such as the police have helped improve the fire service’s response.

In recent months, for example, fire officers have worked with the Kingston Youth Offending Team to steer fire starters away from re-offending.

Commenting on his visit, Edward Davey said,

"I was impressed by the level of training and commitment of these local fire officers."

"It was reassuring to hear about the detailed planning and the new fire safety initiatives the brigade has."

"I have been concerned about the number of arson incidents locally, so I wanted to hear about their strategy. It is imperative that all agencies co-ordinate their responses to pre-empt these criminals."

"Serious arson attacks in Tolworth have shown how important it is to get the response right,. Our local fire stations at Kingston, Surbiton and New Malden should be congratulated for the work they do to protect us all."



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