Kingston Council budget cuts  


"Government must stop "bashing Kingston with cuts" - Davey

MP demands meeting, as Minister snubs Council Leaders

Local MP, Edward Davey, has slammed Government Ministers for cutbacks to Kingston's grant, as final budget figures are now becoming available.

Mr Davey believes the new Government are continuing the Conservative policy of targeting cuts on areas like Kingston, with this year's cuts leaving an estimated budget shortfall of almost 4 million.

Mr Davey has written to the Minister, asking for an urgent meeting, now that the full extent of the cuts of Kingston's schools and vital services for the elderly is becoming clearer.

Mr Davey's demand comes as Ministers have refused to meet any Council Leader, as has previously been the practice.

Commenting on the Government grant to Kingston Council, Mr Davey said:
"After years of Tory cuts, Kingston's services are near breaking point. Yet the Labour Government is bashing Kingston with yet more cuts. I am extremely worried for our schools, for services to the most vulnerable and for local voluntary organisations. It's a disgrace that Conservative MPs continually fail to argue for more spending and have even welcomed the Government's spending plans. Only Liberal Democrat MPs have consistently argued and voted against Labour public spending cuts."

Commenting on his letter to the Minister, Mr Davey said:
"The Government's refusal to meet Council Leaders is yet another example of their arrogance. They are snubbing local government. I'm not optimistic the Minister will grant a meeting, given this Government's current approach, but I must try everything for local people."


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