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Edward Davey wins parking concession from SWT to help Surbiton residents

MP’s Safer Stations Initiative wins new CCTV cameras for public footbridge at Surbiton Station

Local MP, Edward Davey, has welcomed two small victories for his campaign to improve Surbiton train station - a new parking charge concession and new CCTV cameras on the footbridge.

The problems faced by Surbiton residents besieged by commuters and rail users parking led to Mr Davey raising the issue with the Director of South West Trains earlier this year. After discovering that the car park was not being used during evenings because a 4 flat fee still applied, Mr Davey called for the charge to be reviewed. As a result of this review, Mr Davey has just received confirmation that from January 2001 a charge of just 50p will be introduced to park at the station after 6pm.

Furthermore, in response to his recent Safer Stations Initiative meeting, SWT’s Head of Communications has also confirmed that two further CCTV cameras have been installed on the public footbridge next to Surbiton Station. These cameras are to be monitored initially from Surbiton Station and will eventually be linked up to SWT’s CCTV control room in Wimbledon.

Commenting on these recent successes, Edward Davey said,

"The new lower charges should provide some much needed respite for local residents from commuter parking"

"I use the trains several times a week and it is obvious that the station car park is not being used during the evenings. It makes sense for everyone to make sure it is better used.

"Now I hope Surbiton Neighbourhood Committee will hurry up with their parking proposals."

On the CCTV, Mr Davey added,

"Residents told me they felt unsafe using the Surbiton Station footbridge at night. Thankfully SWT have positively responded to my concerns by greatly improving the monitoring of this area.

"These new CCTV cameras should greatly increase people’s sense of security and hopefully bring about a reduction in the amount of criminal damage at this graffiti hotspot."



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