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The Editor


I am writing to express my sincere thanks to the Chairman of Kingston Hospital Trust, Martin Vandersteen, who will be leaving the Trust in January 2001 to take up a new position at Barts.

From my personal experience, Mr Vandersteen has been a tower of strength at the hospital during some very difficult times. During his time at the hospital, he has put all his energies into overcoming problems such as the downsizing of Queen Mary's Hospital at Roehampton and its impact on Kingston's Casualty Unit.

It was a pleasure to see his energy and enthusiasm whilst working with him on the now successful campaign to get a much needed new A & E unit at Kingston Hospital. Now the first foundations have been laid, his hardwork is truly being realised.

While there remain many future challenges for Kingston Hospital ranging from reducing staff shortages to improving transport arrangements, managing major building programmes and continuing to raise the quality of care, I firmly believe these will be met, thanks to the hardwork of Martin and his dedicated team.

On behalf of the many local residents that have and will continue to benefit from his achievements as Chairman of Kingston Hospital, I would like to thank him for all he has done and wish him every success in his new post.

Yours faithfully


Edward Davey

(Liberal Democrat MP for Kingston & Surbiton)


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