More money for NHS, not tax cuts  


Local MP & Lib Dem leader call on Government to scrap tax cuts and put money into Kingston's NHS

Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy has backed Edward Davey's proposals for the Government to scrap a proposed income tax cut of a penny and spend the money saved on health.

An early day motion tabled by Lib Dem Leader Charles Kennedy regrets Government plans for the April Tax Cut and calls instead for the 2.7 billion to be redirected to the NHS.

Kingston's Liberal Democrat MP Edward Davey, who is among MPs who have signed the motion, said,
" It is quite clear that the NHS is in crisis and to cut income tax at this time is not what people want."

"An independent poll by the Observer newspaper showed overwhelming support for the Liberal Democrats' health policy with a massive 76% backing the plan."

" We believe there is a strong case for the proposed 2.7 billion to go straight to the NHS for more nurses and doctors. The British public support the NHS and I believe they would want this money spent here where it is needed, and not just to bribe the British public."

"Locally, we have just seen money granted for a new A&E, but if we don't have the staff to run it, then it will be worthless. Although money isn't everything, this extra cash could be used for additional training and recruitment. This must be the last year we endure growing waiting lists and staff shortages in our hospitals."

" Labour should be ashamed of themselves for stealing the Tories clothes by putting tax bribes ahead of the NHS."

Constituents who have encountered problems with local NHS services can write to Edward Davey MP @ "The Kingston NHS Challenge" 23A Victoria Road, Surbiton, Surrey, KT6 4JZ. Their cases will be brought to the attention of the Secretary of State for Health, as part of his campaign to ensure that Kingston receives proper funding for its health services.

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