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This Government has done something truly historic

4 hours 44 min ago

Amid all the media noise around the start of the General Election campaign, let's not forget the extraordinary nature of this Government.  

Let the Battle (Bus) begin!

11 hours 35 min ago

Nick Clegg has launched the Liberal Democrats General Election campaign, as the Lib Dems' yellow "Battle Bus" is revealed for the first time.

Liberal Democrats set to knock on one millionth door

Sat, 28/03/2015

As we enter the General Election campaign this weekend, Liberal Democrats are poised to knock on the one millionth door since the start of the year.

Norman Lamb responds to Labour's plans to cap private profits in the NHS

Fri, 27/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Health Minister Norman Lamb has commented on Labour's pledge to cap private profits in the NHS, saying that a simplistic policy could cause "chaos" for local hospitals.

First steps towards introducing e-balloting for trades unions

Thu, 26/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Business Secretary Vince Cable today reached an agreement with the Trades Union Congress to begin work towards enabling trades unions to ballot their members electronically.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the UK

Thu, 26/03/2015

The UK’s greenhouse gas emissions dropped by 8.4 per cent in 2014, thanks in part to the increasing use of renewable energy sources.

Encouraging girls to continue taking part in sport and promoting positive body image

Thu, 26/03/2015

New research published by the Government Equalities Office reveals that the ages of seven and eight are critical in keeping girls motivated to play sport.

Experts back Liberal Democrat health and education plans

Thu, 26/03/2015

Liberal Democrat manifesto plans for the NHS and the education system have been recognised by experts in these areas.

Committing to promoting LGBT+ rights and same sex marriage across the globe

Thu, 26/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesperson Tim Farron has joined with Home Office Minister Lynne Featherstone and International Development Minister Baroness Northover to announce a manifesto commitment to promote LGBT+ rights across the globe.

Look left, look right, then cross with the Liberal Democrats

Thu, 26/03/2015

A new poster unveiled by the Liberal Democrats shows that a Labour or Conservative government would lurch economic policy dangerously to the left or the right.

Schools honoured in the Pupil Premium Awards

Wed, 25/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has awarded prizes to schools across the country in recognition of the work they are doing to close the gap between rich and poor children.

Nick Clegg responds to the Lords' HS2 report

Wed, 25/03/2015

Responding to a report on HS2 by the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said:

Kicking the mental health stigma out of sport

Wed, 25/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is launching a new charter to kick the mental health stigma out of sport.

Jo Swinson writes: I’m proud to say we’ve finally got the Tories on board with gender pay gap measures

Tue, 24/03/2015

In the final days of this Government Lib Dems are still delivering our agenda against the odds, and against Conservative obstruction. 

Labour have no credibility on the economy

Tue, 24/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Chief Secretary to the Treasury Danny Alexander has said that Labour have no credibility on the economy.

Responding to Ed Balls' announcement that he would rule out an increase in VAT, Danny said:

The era of a single party government in the UK is over

Tue, 24/03/2015

Speaking after today's (Tuesday 24 March) cabinet meeting, Nick said that the coalition has been a historic government, one formed at a time of national emergency to rescue an economy on the brink of disaster.

Simon Hughes' human rights speech

Mon, 23/03/2015

In a speech to students at King's College Liberal Democrat Justice Minister Simon Hughes explains how Liberal Democrats go into the election with a clear principled position on human rights.

Unlike the Conservatives who want to pick and choose human rights, Liberal Democrats believe strongly in individual freedoms and protecting human rights. 

Pupil Premium helping to close the gap between rich and poor children

Mon, 23/03/2015

New evidence shows that the gap between rich and poor children in schools is narrowing thanks to the Pupil Premium delivered by Liberal Democrats in government.

Nick Clegg: Benjamin Netanyahu's promise to rule out a two-state solution is alarming

Fri, 20/03/2015

Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has said that Benjamin Netanyahu's promise not to agree to the creation of an independent Palestinian state is "alarming."

Nick Clegg's speech to the Federation of Small Business Conference

Fri, 20/03/2015

Speaking at the Federation of Small Business Conference, Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg is expected to say: