Liberal Democrat news

WATCH: Tim Farron's first speech to Conference

Thu, 24/09/2015

Tim Farron delivered his first speech to a Lib Dem Conference as leader of the party.

Male and Female tick options should be scrapped

Mon, 21/09/2015

A ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ tick-box on official documents should be phased out or replaced with an ‘X’ option, the Liberal Democrats said today.

Bring back term-time holidays

Mon, 21/09/2015

Liberal Democrats have called for the Government to allow families to take children out of school during term-time to avoid crippling holiday costs.

16-year-olds should vote in EU referendum

Mon, 21/09/2015

Members at the Lib Dem annual Party Conference in Bournemouth have voted to allow 16 year olds to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum.

Lib Dems pledge to create safe and legal routes for refugees

Sun, 20/09/2015

Liberal Democrats vowed to ‘step up to the plate’ and tackle the humanitarian crisis across Europe as thousands of refugees flee Syria.

Labour aren't interested in standing up to the Tories

Sun, 20/09/2015

Addressing members at the Liberal Democrat Autumn Conference, party leader Tim Farron said:

Liberal Democrats are the only economically credible opposition to the Conservatives

Sun, 20/09/2015

Liberal Democrats are the only economically credible opposition to the Conservatives.

Party leader Tim Farron has said the Liberal Democrats are the only party for small business and enterprise.

Record number of members head to Liberal Democrat Conference

Sun, 20/09/2015

More Liberal Democrat members than ever before will be attending conference this weekend, as leader Tim Farron leads the party’s fightback.

Lib Dems announce candidate for London Mayor

Thu, 17/09/2015

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon said she would fight for a London which served the many, and not the few.

The party today (Thursday) announced Caroline - who is a member of the London Assembly - as its candidate for next year’s London Mayoral election. 

Lib Dem leaders urge transparency over journalist spying claims

Tue, 08/09/2015

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron and Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie have today issued a joint letter to Prime Minister David Cameron and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon calling for full transparency over claims two UK police forces accessed the communications data of journalists without obtaining judicial approval.

Lib Dems call for debate on government’s handling of refugee crisis

Thu, 03/09/2015

Liberal Democrat Leader Tim Farron and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Tom Brake have called for an urgent debate in Parliament about the refugee crisis and the UK response.

Cameron and May should stop playing politics over humanitarian crisis

Tue, 01/09/2015

Tim Farron has urged the Government to stop playing politics over the humanitarian crisis impacting on Europe and offer help to desperate refugees. 

New Lib Dem peers announced

Thu, 27/08/2015

Tim Farron has welcomed the appointment of new Liberal Democrat Peers to the House of Lords and their commitment to fight for reform of the second chamber.

All of the newly-nominated Lib Dem Peers have confirmed that they have joined the House of Lords with the intention of abolishing appointments and introducing elections at the earliest opportunity.

Tim Farron urges Theresa May to address the Humanitarian Crisis in Calais

Wed, 19/08/2015

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has written to Theresa May to urge her to address the humanitarian crisis in Calais at her upcoming meeting with French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

Tim Farron reveals his priorities as new Liberal Democrat leader

Fri, 07/08/2015

New Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has today launched his seven campaigning priorities for Parliament.

Tim Farron: Government ignoring Calais humanitarian crisis

Wed, 05/08/2015

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron visited the Jules Ferry refugee camp in Calais yesterday (Tuesday 4 August) to learn about the humanitarian work of the UNHCR and Medicins du Monde.