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Tim Farron responds to PM's "migrant swarm" comment

Thu, 30/07/2015

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has responded to the Prime Minister's remarks on the Calais migrant crisis. David Cameron said today that the UK will not become a "safe haven" for a "swarm of people coming across the Mediterranean".

New Lib Dem spokespeople announced

Wed, 29/07/2015

Tim Farron has set about ending the Liberal Democrats’ lack diversity at the top of the party – by naming the most diverse shadow cabinet team in the party’s history to lead the party's fightback.

Lord Sewel shows system is rotten to the core

Tue, 28/07/2015

Politicians from across the political spectrum should seize the opportunity to overhaul the House of Lords once and for all, Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said.

Tories strike huge blow to green industry

Fri, 24/07/2015

In a huge blow to Britain's Green industry, the Conservatives have announced they will end all Government funding to the Green Deal - a programme set up by the Liberal Democrats in Coalition that helps people make their homes more energy efficient. 

Tim Farron savages Labour & Tories over Welfare Bill

Wed, 22/07/2015

Tim Farron savages Labour and Tories over Welfare Bill in maiden speech as leader.

Tim Farron writes to Harriet Harman on the Welfare Bill

Tue, 21/07/2015

Today Tim Farron has written to Harriet Harman, calling on Labour to stand with the Liberal Democrats in opposing Tory welfare cuts.

His letter comes a day after 184 Labour MPs abstained on the Government's Welfare Bill, which includes £12bn worth of ideological cuts, which the Liberal Democrats opposed in Coalition, and continue to oppose now. A copy of Tim's letter is below.

Tim Farron: Lib Dems will oppose Welfare Bill

Mon, 20/07/2015

Newly-elected leader Tim Farron has confirmed that the Liberal Democrats will vote against the Government's Welfare Bill. 

Eid-ul-Fitr 2015: A message from the Lib Dems

Fri, 17/07/2015

Liberal Democrat Party President Sal Brinton sends greetings to Muslims everywhere at Eid-ul-Fitr.

Three by election wins great news for #LibDemFightback

Fri, 17/07/2015

Three by elections victories - one hold and two gains from both Labour and Conservatives - are an encouraging boost for the #LibDemFightback.

Tim Farron elected as Leader of the Liberal Democrats

Thu, 16/07/2015

We are delighted to announce that Tim Farron has been elected as Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

In an all-member ballot for the leadership, 56% of members voted with the result revealed this afternoon. 

Leadership Election Update

Thu, 16/07/2015

Today the votes will are being counted in the Lib Dem leadership election. We expect to announce the result on Twitter and Facebook at around 5pm, but you won't see any updates whilst the count is in progress. 

Lib Dems set to defeat David Cameron on ‘Votes at 16’

Wed, 15/07/2015

Liberal Democrats could pave the way for 16-year-olds to vote in local council elections as David Cameron is expected to face a further defeat in the House of Lords on Wednesday.

Government changes will encourage cycle of poverty warns Mike German

Mon, 13/07/2015

Mike German will today demand a halt to controversial changes to housing benefit that could see more people pushed towards food banks and payday loans and could increase homelessness.

Osborne's Budget has one clear message

Wed, 08/07/2015

The Tories used to say we were in it together, but this budget says one thing: you’re on your own.

Norman Lamb's Leadership Election blog post

Thu, 02/07/2015

Liberalism is in my bones. Mum and Dad were Liberals and, as a teenager, I set up a Young Liberal Branch in our local town in Norfolk. It took me three attempts to enter Parliament. We started 15,500 votes behind the Conservatives.

Tim Farron's Leadership election blog post

Thu, 02/07/2015

I love this party because in my heart and in my soul I am a liberal.

I believe in a society in which we are all free to make our own choices and live the lives we want. But freedom means very little when the only choices we have to make are whether to feed our children or heat our homes.

Deal reached to end roaming charges in EU by 2017

Tue, 30/06/2015

A political deal was reached in Brussels last night to scrap mobile roaming fees in the EU by 2017, following almost two years of negotiations.

Liberal Democrat response to Conservative plans to change child poverty target

Wed, 24/06/2015

Reacting to the Conservatives' plans to change the child poverty target, Baroness Pinnock, Lib Dem Children’s spokesperson in the House of Lords, said:

Making progress in Tower Hamlets

Tue, 23/06/2015

Elaine Bagshaw and Chris Walts write about their campaigns and experiences in the recent Tower Hamlets Mayoral Election.


Sal Brinton's message for Ramadan 2015

Tue, 23/06/2015

Liberal Democrat Party President Sal Brinton has recorded the following message for Ramadan 2015.