Good News on Primary School Places

Update - December 2009

The campaign to expand Kingston’s primary schools had a huge boost this week when Kingston won a better-than-expected capital funding allocation of £8.2 million.

Don’t cut Kingston’s cops

Threat to cut local police

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London’s Conservative Mayor, Boris Johnson, is set to slash local police across the capital, according to new figures that I have obtained.

London’s Conservatives wants to cut the Metropolitan Police budget by a massive £48 million.

Despite City Hall claims this would not affect frontline officers, the minutes of official meetings show Police Safer Neighbourhood Teams could lose at least 100 officers. Deputy Met Commissioner, Tim Godwin, has refused to rule out more cuts.

Health campaign hots up

[img_assist|nid=151|title=|desc=Illustration kindly provided by NHS Redbridge|link=none|align=right|width=270|height=243]

NHS Kingston is now consulting on a radical shake-up of local health services aiming to provide:

  • Longer opening hours, with new “walk in clinics” at some GP practices
  • Fewer visits to hospital and shorter waits, with several appointments in one visit
  • Improved quality of healthcare by better professional integration
  • More health services, closer to home, so outpatients and some diagnostic tests are in the community

In my local health surveys, a key demand was faster, more convenient and high quality healthcare. These latest ideas could be what we’ve campaigned for.

Air Quality Campaign

Air quality in Tolworth must be monitored

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[img_assist|nid=114|title=|desc=Cllrs Rolson Davis and Vicki Harris join me by the Tolworth Roundabout|link=none|align=right|width=270|height=181]The Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) recently closed its air quality monitoring site in Tolworth by the A3.

Air quality by the A3 has been poor for some time, so it is a nonsense for the Government to shut this monitoring site down.

Poor air quality hits people's health, especially young children and the elderly, and diseases like asthma cost the NHS billions.

With new stricter legal limits on air pollution in force from this June, we need to make sure they are enforced, and that means we need these measurements to check.

Station Rezoning Campaign

Queue Watch!

Can you help me monitor and cut queuing times at local post offices?

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