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Rt Hon Edward Davey, MP for Kingston & Surbiton and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change


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Celebrating Success at The Hollyfield School

The Surrey Comet has the story - and a great picture:

Hollyfield School star pupils get trophies for hard work

Sound the alarm on local primary school places

The shortage of primary school places is in the news – again.

The last time was around 2008, when Kingston and most London Boroughs began to experience a large unexpected rise in demand. The latest figures show the trend has continued. In fact, this time it’s affecting more areas of the country.

Free school meals for 5552 infants in Kingston

From September 2014 all infant school pupils including 5552 in Kingston will benefit from a free hot and healthy meal at lunchtime.

In September 2013 Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg announced that every child in infant school in England will receive a free school lunch.

Conference speech September 2013

Edward Davey's speech to the Liberal Democract Conference in Glasgow on Sunday 15th September:

Davey celebrates Surbiton Post Office refurbishment

In a letter dated 3rd September, Edward Davey MP was notified by Post Office Ltd that Surbiton Post Office is to become one of the new main style Post Office Branches.  The Post Office, located inside ‘Martin’s’ on Victoria Road, Surbiton will be refurbished between the 3rd and 14th October 2013.

Edward Davey MP Statement on Syria

I have been asked by a number of constituents about my views on the current events in Syria, with many people understandably concerned about any British intervention in Syria.

While Parliament is set to debate this matter today and will do so again very soon, most likely next week, I wanted to give you my view now.

Davey congratulates Kingston students

2013 saw yet another impressive set of GCSE, AS and A level results for students across Kingston.

My first full year in the Cabinet

From my Annual Report 2013
My first full year as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change and a CabinetMinister kept me focused on three “Es” - the Economy, Energy and the Environment.

Community Energy Fortnight: A local revolution is here

Edward Davey recently inaugurated the Community Energy Fortnight, and Co-operative News has published his speech:

Air pollution and you

We’ve got too complacent about air pollution in the UK. After we got rid of London’s “pea-soupers”, smog and the like, today’s air pollution is much less visible, but it can be just as dangerous.

And for once I’m not talking about climate change and greenhouse gases (though I could include those too).

Edward Davey MP visits Sutherland Day Nursery to celebrate the success of the local Education Group

Edward Davey, Member of Parliament for Kingston and Surbiton and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, last week visited Sutherland Day Nursery as part of its 5th anniversary celebrations.   

Big boost for primary schools in Kingston, Surbiton and New Malden

Liberal Democrat Leader and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg has announced the biggest ever rise in the Pupil Premium for primary schools to help ensure that more pupils are able to achieve higher standards.

Edward Davey discusses climate change with Andrew Neil

Watch the video of Edward Davey discussing climate change on the Sunday Politics show with Andrew Marr on 14th July 2013.

Click here to view it

Davey “determined to tackle scourge of fuel poverty”

Following an independent review and a consultation a new definition of fuel poverty has been set out today to ensure support is targeted at those who need it most.

A household will be defined as ‘fuel poor’ if its total income is below the poverty line (taking into account energy costs) and energy costs are higher than typical.

Agreement will keep British citizens safe from cross-border crime

The Home Secretary has announced that the UK will seek to retain 35 European cross-border policing and justice measures - including the European Arrest Warrant, a vital crime-fighting tool, and our continued membership of Europol.

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Local filmmaker Claude Green followed Edward for a year to show the variety of an MPs constituency work. See the trailer here.