Creating more jobs and a stronger economy in Kingston & Surbiton

Ed Davey leads the battle to get the economy moving in Kingston & Surbiton

The last time we had a general election in Kingston & Surbiton, back in 2010, the economy was still reeling from Labour’s economic crisis. Unemployment was sky high, the deficit was running out of control and local residents were feeling the squeeze.
Now the economy is well and truly on the mend, thanks in no small part to the contribution of local MP Ed Davey and the Liberal Democrats in government.
“It’s simple,” Ed explains when we ask how the Lib Dems made a difference to the economy.
“The Conservatives wanted to make endless cuts to public services out of sheer ideology, while Labour planned to keep on borrowing and borrowing until Britain went bust.
“Only the Lib Dems provided a voice of reason. That’s why we wanted to take sensible steps to reduce the deficit, while also
investing in more apprenticeships and giving money back to hard-pressed families.
“Instead of following the Tory dogma of handing massive tax cuts to a few millionaires, we wanted to give a helping hand to
millions of low and middle income earners by increasing the personal allowance for income tax.
“The Tories said it couldn’t be done, but we’ve managed to deliver an £800 tax cut for over 20m people.”
As a result of the Lib Dems’ efforts to create jobs and get the economy moving employment is at an all time high, the deficit
has been cut by a third and more than two million new apprenticeships have been created.
But Ed argues that there is still much more to do to secure the economic recovery and ensure that everybody feels the benefit.
“The next few years will be absolutely crucial,” he explains.
“It’s now vitally important that we keep the economy moving and continue to help local families with the cost of living. That’s why I want to cut tax for low and middle earners by another £400 in the next Parliament.
“But I’m really concerned that the Conservatives’ pledge to bring in another £50bn of cuts if they win a majority could do lasting damage to our economy and destroy the progress we’ve made. We can’t let them.”