Ed Davey champions renewable energy and the best deals for consumers

Ed Davey is proud of what he has achieved as Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change.

Under his guidance over £37 billion has been invested in renewable energy sources, such as wind and tidal power. As a result 460,000 ‘green’ jobs have been created and the low carbon economy has been growing since 2010.

The amount of electricity generated from renewable sources has trebled since 2010 and now supplies around one fifth of all the UK’s electricity. The UK is now the world leader in offshore wind.

Solar panels have taken off, thanks to green energy auctions which brought down the prices dramatically. In fact, 99% of all the solar panels in the UK were installed since the last election.

Biomass, which creates electricity from plants, is another form of renewable energy. By 2010 11% of all UK’s electricity could come from this source.

And the dramatic proposals for a the first tidal lagoon in the world at Swansea Bay have enormous potential for the future.

In Government the Lib Dems have set up the Green Investment Bank.  The Bank has attracted an amazing £5 billion of private investment, which in turn is being used to back more than 45 major green projects, from improving the energy efficiency in social housing to managing waste.

Ed has also worked hard for consumers, by keeping energy bills down. A package of policies ensured that in 2014 the Big 6 energy companies froze their bills and in 2015 are actually cutting them. He has also been encouraging consumers to switch suppliers to get the best deals. Many local councils have been running collective switching schemes which enable them to get the best deals for their residents, saving consumers more than £20 million.

On top of that over a million homes have been insulated under the Green Deal scheme in just two years, and two million households have benefitted from the Warm Homes Discount. As a result of these and other schemes fuel poverty has decreased every year since 2010.