Davey backs Chessington councillors' campaign against Green Belt development plans

Chessington MP Edward Davey has declared his support for the campaign, launched today by Chessington's Liberal Democrat Councillors, against plans to build up to 70,000 new homes on the green belt in Chessington.

The plans, put forward by Business lobbying group, London First and backed by Richard Blakeway, Boris Johnson's Deputy Mayor of London for Housing, propose funding the Crossrail 2 project partly by the creation of new suburbs and identifies Chessington as one of two locations in London, for 70,000 new homes.

Commenting, Edward said, "I was aghast and angry when I read these proposals in the 'Home Truths' and 'Funding Crossrail Two' reports and learnt that Boris' Deputy Mayor has backed the recommendations.

"The authors of these reports can't have ever been to Chessington because if they had, they would have realised how daft and damaging these proposals would be.

"If Boris continues to push 70,000 extra homes in Chessington it would double the size of the Royal Borough in a stroke, put intolerable strain on our roads and local services and destroy our precious greenbelt, including ancient woodland.

"It's not as if Kingston and Chessington in particular hasn't seen many new homes built in recent years. Moreover the council is already planning for over 5,000 homes in the next decade across all of Kingston but this Conservative-backed plan is for more than ten times the homes our Borough needs, on a single site.

"I am proud that it is the Liberal Democrats in Kingston who are leading the opposition to this ill-thought through, destructive plan. We now need London's Mayor to reverse his support and join us in opposing this. I hope local Tories will also come off the fence, join us and stand up for local people, even if it means opposing Boris.

"Recent success show that where Liberal Democrats campaign with local people - for example against Tesco's Tolworth Roundabout store - we get results. So I am confident we can stop this but we must start now before these ideas are taken to the next stage."

Please sign the petition against the proposals to build 70,000 new homes on Green Belt land in Chessington.