Station Re-zoning Campaign

Annual rail tickets from Kingston and Surbiton could go up by over £400, unless our campaign to re-zone the two stations succeeds.

Nearly 20,000 local season ticket holders could be clobbered by this outrageous fare rise.

Both stations are only 12 miles from London, much closer to the average distance from London for zone 5 stations.

In fact, 23 zone 5 stations are further away from their London terminus than Kingston and Surbiton.

All we are asking for is equal treatment.

Latest Updates

Department of Transport tells South West Trains to look at effects of re-zoning Kingston and Surbiton

My letter to Lord Adonis, August 2009

Response from Lord Adonis

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My letter to Lord Adonis, November 2009


Davey and Johnson to work together on re-zoning Kingston & Surbiton train stations

Boris breaks election pledge on campaign to re-zone Kingston and Surbiton (page on archived site)

Read my letter to Mayor Boris Johnson (page on archived site) calling on him to make good his election pledge to support this campaign.