Rezone Kingston and Surbiton stations

In the last year, I have been making real progress in my long-running campaign to rezone Kingston and Surbiton railway stations to zone 5. You can read the history of the campaign here.

South West Trains support rezoning. Transport for London support it. As do Transport Ministers.

But Tory Chancellor George Osborne doesn’t.

Lib Dem Councillors have been fantastic – helping with a critical study last Autumn that gave detailed figures on costs which helped prove our case.  This study shows rail commuters across Kingston and Surbiton would collectively save a massive £6 million a year – with some saving £300 a year.

Of course rezoning has to be paid for – and I’ve persuaded Lib Dem Treasury Minister, Danny Alexander, to back the campaign. However Conservative Chancellor, George Osborne, is proving stubborn. He is the last stumbling block to rezoning.

So I need your help.

Please sign our new petition – addressed directly to George Osborne – below.

The arguments for rezoning our local stations are overwhelming – we have had the worst deal in London since Labour introduced fare zones back in 2007. It’s time local commuters got some help with these unfair fares. 

Sign the petition

Dear Chancellor of the Exchequer,  

Commuters from Kingston and Surbiton train stations have been unfairly treated since 2007, when the last Government introduced zonal pricing, and many of our rail ticket prices rocketed up by as much as 38%. Everyone else now agrees we should rezone these two stations – so it’s now down to you.

I call on you to end this unfairness and enable Kingston and Surbiton stations to be rezoned to zone 5. 

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